Materials For HR

HR Guides

Absence Management

ABS-01 Place Employee on Leave

ABS-02 Correcting Leave Dates or Cancelling Leave

ABS-03 Return from leave

ABS-04 Request Compensation Change for Leave of Absence



CMP-01 Request Compensation Change

CMP-02 Request One-Time Payment - UK only

CMP-03 Cancelling a Compensation Change Request

CMP-04 Rescinding a Compensation Change Request

CMP-05 Correcting a Compensation Change Request


Employee Lifecycle

ELC-01 Create Pre-Hire

ELC-02 Hiring an Employee

ELC-03 Contracting a Contingent Worker

ELC-04 Re-hiring an Employee

ELC-05 Re-Contracting a Contingent Worker

ELC-06 Completing the Hire Steps

ELC-07 Death in Service

ELC-08 Terminating Employment

ELC-09 Ending a Contingent Worker Contract

ELC-10 Completing the Termination Steps

ELC-11 Contingent Worker to Employee

ELC-12 Re-instating an Employee

ELC-13 Re-instating a Contingent Worker

ELC-14 No Show

ELC-15 Exit Interviews

ELC-17 Change in Hire Date

ELC-18 Change in Contract Begin Date

ELC-19 Change in Termination or Contract End Date



JOB-01 Transfer - Lateral Move

JOB-02 Transfer - Move to another Manager

JOB-03 Promotion

JOB-04 Decrease in Responsibility

JOB-06 Change Business Title

JOB-07 Change Location

JOB-08 Maintaining Employee Contracts

JOB-09 Change Contingent Worker Details

JOB-10 Change in Employee Type

JOB-11 Change in Working Hours

JOB-12 Editing Service Dates

JOB-13 Change Organization Assignments

JOB-14 Move Workers (Supervisory)

JOB-16 Maintain Worker Documents

JOB-17 Assign Pay Group

JOB-18 Correcting Job Transactions

JOB-19 Employee Probation Periods

JOB-23 Maintaining Work Schedules


Personal Details

PER-01 Changing worker contact information

PER-04 Editing Personal Information

PER-06 Maintaining Worker Names

PER-08 Edit Other IDs



POS-01 Creating a new Position

POS-03 Edit Position

POS-04 Request Default Compensation Change

POS-05 Change Organization Assignments

POS-07 Manage Position Freeze

POS-08 Closing a Position


Payroll Interface

PICOF - Running the Payroll Integrations



SEC - 01 Account Administration


Quick Guides – for International HR Users

Change Display Language

Change Superior Organisation

Create Holiday Calendar - Public Holidays

Delete a Public Holiday Date - Holiday Calendar

Edit a Public Holiday Date - Holiday Calendar

Job Change

Move Worker

Recording Sickness

Rough Guide to Adding Time Off Entitlement

Rough Guide to Reducing Time Off Entitlement


Word versions

Employee guide

Manager guide



Workday - system glossary