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Support model

Before you contact anyone, there are lots of guides that help you understand how to use Workday. Please initially have a look at these guides to get your question resolved as quickly as possible by clicking here or clicking the Training Guides button at the top of the page.

If you are having a technical issue, eg you can't access the application for some reason, then contact your local IT team (in the UK contact

If your query relates to the information about you in Workday, contact your local HR team (in the UK contact

How to get help


HR Business Partners are there to provide help and guidance to your area of the business. They can also help you to understand how to use Workday, just ask for help.

HR Business Partnering - Dual & Aqua

HR Business Partnering - Howden UK Retail

HR Business Partnering - Howden International

HR Business Partnering - RKH

HR Business Partnering - Hyperion / GCS


You can find out who your HR Business partner is by checking in Workday:

  1. Click the Personal Information button on the Home page
  2. Click the About Me button in the View list
  3. Under the Job tab, click the Support Roles tab

Support Roles help you to identify who your various HR contacts are, including your HR Partner. Click a name in the list, and you will see contact information.



If you would like to get some training for yourself or your area, please contact Jeremy Overton.

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Please contact Angela Townsend or Jay Tailor